Language disorders are also known as communication disorders. Communication forms an intergral part of a child’s development, and therefore any language disorder or delay can have a significant impact on a child’s development. A speech and language therapist will complete a full language assessment to determine whether receptive language or expressive language (or both) needs to be supported in therapy in order to improve the child’s language skills. Language is one of the primary indicators of a child’s later scholastic and academic success. Language delays can also exist with other developmental delays which might require further assessment and referrals. It is important to monitor your child’s language skills from a young age in order for intervention to be integrated early. Language therapy will aim to improve the child’s ability to understand spoken language, as well as using language correctly and effectively to become a competent communicator. Language skills forms the foundation of all other learning skills – if you are concerned about your child’s language skills, contact a speech and language therapist.